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Lee & Adkins

Acoustic Country/Rock

Brett Lee got started on his musical journey in a small Southern Baptist Gospel church. He was reciting the Pledge of Allegiance for the congregation by the tender age of two years old, and began singing Hymns shortly thereafter. His exposure to several other genres while he was a young boy fueled his love for music.

He received an acoustic guitar as a Christmas present from his grandfather, Lee Crawford, at the age of four years old and began taking lessons immediately. He initially played and sang for his family at holiday gatherings, graduating to solo vocal performances in church.

Life experiences, soulful melodies, and heart-felt lyrics drive his powerful, original compositions. Many reflect his own feelings and personal trials, and are autobiographical in nature. Keeping true to his gospel, country and rock roots, he continues to craft power ballads and country rockers that will have you singing along!

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